What Is The Point Of A Relationship

What is the point of a relationship, you may ask? The whole point of a relationship between two people is to connect with one another on as many levels as possible, to join together and share their life experiences. This requires openness, willingness and trust and love can facilitate these elements. 

By the way, the book  '1000 Questions For Couples'  pictured here,1000 questions for couples is a wonderful place to start the process of true connection with your partner and discovering what the point of a relationship is for yourself.

When we feel that we truly love someone we often find it much easier to trust that person with many different areas of ourselves, our lives.

We can feel safe to reveal certain aspects of ourselves to our partner, which we may have kept hidden from others for all of our lives so far, therefore a relationship can facilitate the freeing of ourselves through the love for and of another. 

Who should we be asking 'what is the point of a relationship?' Ourselves and each other would be a good starting point, at least then each partner would know what is expected of them and whether they are capable of delivering.

There is a certain expectation that our partner will find it easier to accept our so-called 'failings' than would anyone else, we also trust that they would never use these revelations against us in any way. This then helps us accept ourselves more and facilitates us growing into more 'whole' human beings. 

 If we can accommodate each other on a continual basis, we can gradually incorporate the new information into our relationship and our love and respect for each other and ourselves will increase enormously. So, what is the point of a relationship? Well, opening up to and being accepting of each other is definitely a huge part of it.

Many people are not consciously aware that this dynamic is present, in other words it is happening but they aren't thinking about it, which can work out fine when love and respect are present in and for each person most of the time. A breakdown in this dynamic can cause a huge rift leaving us wondering "what is the point of a relationship if it's going to be like this?". This in turn can lead us to experience feelings of alienation from each other and the loss of the mutual bond which is so necessary for a successful relationship.

This often occurs when one partner is having a personal inner problem, which may have been stimulated by a relationship situation. Something new for instance may be required of them. This could be something a seemingly small as hosting a dinner party for your husband's boss, or as seemingly large as having to come to terms with the fact that you will be becoming a father much earlier that you expected.

 Stressful situations like these may leave us asking ourselves 'what is the point of a relationship?', if it is going to be this difficult do I really want one?

At this crucial time you may suddenly feel overwhelmed and although you may wish to be able to rise to the occasion perhaps for your partners sake, another part of you may want the new 'prospect' to simply disappear.

Because fear has arisen, there will be a necessary shift in perspective and attitude to accommodate the new emotion. At this point if any pressure is perceived as coming from your partner (even if it is actually you who is putting pressure on yourself) the love and trust between you both can easily be eroded. At this point the question "what is the point of a relationship" can easily turn into a statement like "there's no point to a relationship it just brings struggle and pain".

It is very necessary at this point to be able to join together as partners and face the new challenge undivided. Because you do love and trust in one another you can then both see that the 'problem' does not belong to just one of you as it has the power to affect your whole relationship.

 Together you have a much greater chance of finding the root cause of the issue which is creating the negative feelings (fear, etc.) and reaching a mutually beneficial and positive solution.

Then, what is the point of a relationship really?  If we seriously take on board that the point of a relationship between two people is to connect with each other on as many different levels as possible, it is easier to see how we can create, enjoy and sustain a wonderful and loving partnership as we will be marrying-up and sharing both our inner and outer life experiences in a relaxed and open way.

 With this in mind it is easy to see how the question 'what is the point of a relationship' becomes entirely irrelevant because we will be enjoying a truly fulfilling experience with someone we love.