Relationship Partner

Having problems choosing the right relationship partner? Constantlyrelationship partner   questioning your dating decisions? You could be giving mixed signals through your attitude and body language.

When we first meet a potential relationship partner, to avoid scaring them off before even getting to know them, we often exihibit our best behaviour. This by its very nature means that we do not behave that way all of the time. Therefore we may seem much more tolerant and accepting in certain situations they we would normally be in our lives in general.

relationship partner meet your sweetOur potential relationship partner does not know this, even if it's exactly what they are doing themselves! This is largely because each person is more concerned about how they themselves are coming across, and the more easy-going you seem the more relaxed they want to appear to be.

This is why we really need to know what we actually do want and not so much what we don't want. This way we can more easily discover why we feel mistreated by our new relationship partners and how they can feel their behaviour is justified. We need to know who we actually are and stop pretending to be anything other than that.

 Yes, we can aspire to improve ourselves in certain ways and focus on achieving that outcome, but we need to truly inhabit who we are at every stage to be authentic and to attract an equally authentic person into our lives.

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Once you know exactly who you are and what you want in each
 specific area of your relationship, you can then begin to gently and persistent affect changes with your relationship partner, explaining to them where necesssary, in a loving and trusting way, exactly where you're coming from and what you desire from them. 

When we do not connect with our true selves - our needs andrelationship partner meet your sweet   desires, we have little chance of receiving what we want. We often end up critisizing, moaning or nagging our partners which usually leads to us alienating ourselves from each other and completely sabotaging our relationships.

Couples will often misinterpret each others behaviour, feeling that their partner had done or said something specifically to hurt, annoy or thwart them in some way. This is to a great extent because as individuals we are not connected enough with our own selves. Again this can be avoided by asking ourselves what exactly we want and why specifically we want it, and so are therefore more in control of the outcome.

 In some situations where relationship partners havemisunderstood each others' behaviour, they will retaliate with some sort of equallyhurtful or annoying behaviour, a bit of tit-for-tat interaction then precedes the inevitable argument filled with accusations and denials.

At these times each person does not believe the other and both are denying the accusations - this is a road to nowhere asrelationship partner meet your sweet emotions are now running high and egos are inflated.  As you might realise, it is best to avoid this situation if at all possible, which fortunately it is simply by tuning into yourself and checking what your agenda might be with regard to your relationship partner in the given situation.

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Good luck on your relationship-partner journey.